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Zeela is a Mambwe word meaning a place of tall trees.
Zeela is situated in an eco-friendly setting in the landscapes of New Kasama, perched on the interactive sceneries of Leopards Hill, and canopied in the indomitable Miombo woodlands. The tranquillity and shrubbery echo a peace of mind and trail of nature. We welcome you to experience and celebrate this interconnectedness between Nature, Culture, and Art.

Gallery & Exhibitions

Zeela Art Gallery is carefully designed and curated in a unique and unconventional way to enhance the visitor’s experience. The gallery features a collection of over 400 artworks exhibited in 3 distinct but harmonious spaces, namely The Inner Space, The immediate outer space, and The outer space.

Look out for a piece titled 13 moons by Chifuchi Kandala which depicts the 13 months on several traditional calendars.

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Discover a rare bird  (The Turaco) as you take a walk around Zeela.

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Natural Surroundings

Zeela is surrounded by untamed nature, with various bird species making flora and fauna their home. A walk in the surroundings allows you to leave the day’s anxieties behind.

Zeela creations

Our gift shop stocks various handcrafted articles designed by Zeela and made by local artisans. The articles are sold under fair trade conditions to empower the artisans.

Zeela Crafts stocks authentic leather products and more.

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Stay with us and (re)connect with nature in a peaceful environment.

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Home Stay

A stay at Zeela can be a truly unique and fulfilling experience that allows you to (re)connect with the natural and spiritual world in a tranquil and peaceful way.

What our visitors say

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