The Cultural Meaning and
Value of Insaka

Insaka is a term used in several Zambian languages and dialects to refer to  “a gathering or meeting place”. An Insaka is typically open plan and circular in shape without doors. The Insaka plays a significant social role in traditional village life. The community elders gather at the Insaka to deliberate on issues of community interest as well as resolve complex issues affecting the community. The Insaka is also used as a place for the community elders to merely socialize, fellowship and enjoy a drink together, thereby fostering strong bonds and camaraderie within the community.

Here at Zeela, the Insaka concept has been adopted to create a space for social gathering, interactions, and free-flowing laughter.  Enjoy sitting around the fire in a secure and serene environment in the evening.

Insaka I

The circular and dwarf wall design of our Insaka I mimics that of the traditional village Insaka. Fitted with a mini bar and kitchenette, we welcome you here to experience a hint of Zambian culture and hospitality, surrounded by nature and art.

Insaka II

Although based on modern architecture, the Insaka II still preserves the old traditional concept of Insaka. The Insaka II is a place that provides an inspiring environment for social gatherings and discussions over drinks and food in a serene atmosphere that has a fusion of nature and art in one space.

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