Zeela Art Spaces

The Zeela art spaces play an essential role in providing a platform for artists to showcase their work, connecting communities with art, and encouraging the exploration of different artistic expressions. The spaces take our visitors on a cultural and spiritual journey that leaves them inspired.

House Tour

The house tour mainly consists of paintings and wooden sculptures. The house today allows visitors to experience a range of artistic perspectives and engage with different forms of expression.


The Mural

The 200-meter mural takes you through a spiritual encounter of an exhibition titled “40 Days and 40 Nights: A Journey with Christ Through Art.” The art on the mural provides the visitor with a rich spiritual experience.

Indigenous Knowledge Centre

This gallery space is planned to host indigenous knowledge and related exhibitions and multimedia resources to support the documentation and dissemination of Zambian traditional knowledge and systems.

Stone and Metal Sculpture Gallery

Stroll around the outer gallery space to discover some of the Zambian artists’ best stone and metal sculptures.

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